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At Verde Outdoor, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. From the initial spark of an idea to the final installation, our team is dedicated to transforming concepts into captivating billboard art that elevates brands and leaves a lasting impression.  

Take a look at how we bring ideas to life through our work with Cove 2 Coast Marine, a local boating center with locations in South Carolina and Georgia. 

The Birth of an Idea 

It all begins with a conversation. Cove2Coast met with Cameron Bland, our Account Executive in Savannah, to discuss their goals, and he got to work with a vision with just a pen and spare piece of paper. Whether it's brainstorming with a client over lunch or during a strategy session at our office, our team listens closely to understand your brand, message, and objectives. Sometimes, the best ideas emerge spontaneously—a quick sketch or a bold concept articulated in words. 

Turning Ideas into Concepts 

Once we have a solid concept in mind, our team of creative minds gets to work. We translate rough sketches and ideas into digital mock-ups, exploring different layouts, colors, and visual elements. This stage is all about experimenting and refining, ensuring that every detail aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. 

Billboard in Savannah

Bringing Designs to Life 

Once the concept is finalized and approved, it's time to bring the design to life on the big canvas—your billboard. Whether it's a billboard along a highway in Sioux City or in Savannah's bustling cityscape, our team oversees every step of the installation process to ensure perfection. 

For Cove 2 Coast's billboard, we wanted to push the boundaries of creativity. Our team incorporated billboard extensions and special lighting techniques to transform the static display into a dynamic work of art. Navigation lights and anchor lights were brought to life, illuminating the night sky and capturing the attention of passersby with a captivating visual spectacle.  

Billboard in Savannah

 Standing Out in the Crowd 

With Verde Outdoor, your billboard isn't just an advertisement—it's a work of art designed to grab attention and spark curiosity. We combine big ideas with precision execution, leveraging our expertise in outdoor advertising to help your brand shine amidst the visual noise of busy urban environments and scenic landscapes. 

Ready to Make Your Mark? 

Whether you have a napkin sketch or a clear vision in mind, let the team at Verde Outdoor turn your ideas into impactful billboard art. Partner with us to elevate your advertising campaigns and make a bold statement in the Midwest, Savannah, Charleston, Hudson Valley, and NW New Jersey.

Reach out today to start the conversation and see how we can WOW.


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