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The Sioux City/Siouxland region, located in the heart of the Midwest, is an ideal location for advertisers to target their ads with Verde Outdoor’s extensive billboard network. A hot spot for entertainment and festivals, Sioux City is known for large events such as ArtSplash, Saturday in the Park music festival and The Big Parade. Fans flock to Sioux City for various sporting events, including NAIA Women’s National Basketball and Volleyball Championships, Sioux City Musketeers hockey, Sioux City Bandits indoor football, and Sioux City Explorers baseball.

The Sioux City market can be found at the intersection of three states: Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. This makes it a major transportation hub, with several major highways such as I-29 and railways passing through the area. Our billboards can be found along these major transportation routes, reaching a wide audience of commuters and travelers.


The region also boasts a diverse population, with a mix of urban and rural areas, as well as a range of industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing. Advertisers can target a broad range of consumers, from farmers and ranchers to healthcare professionals and factory workers.



The Sioux City/Siouxland region is home to several major universities and colleges, including Morningside College, Briar Cliff University, and Western Iowa Tech Community College. This large student population gives advertisers an audience of educators and other professionals in the education sector.

Share your story in a region that has a strong tradition of community involvement and support for local businesses. Our local team of market experts can help effectively promote your products and services with creative ads that resonate with the values and interests of the local community.

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Scott Wetz

Senior Account Executive

T 712-898-5478


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Amanda Hageman

Senior Account Executive

T 712-899-8301


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