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Officer Justin Sarver: Savannah PD Superstar

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

June 20, 2023 - Officer Justin Sarver

Officer Justin Sarver joined the Savannah Police Department in 2019 and is currently an officer on the SPD Community Response Team.

Officer Sarver was at the Chatham County Courthouse on May 8 when a Ford F-150 drove through a construction fence at Montgomery and York streets and struck a 27-year-old construction worker. The crash resulted in pinning the man between the Ford and a parked semi-truck. Officer Sarver immediately ran to the man's aid and discovered severe injuries to one of his legs. A citizen had already placed a tourniquet on the man's leg, but Officer Sarver realized that it was not effectively applied and may not be in the best position to save his life. Officer Sarver quickly applied a more effective tourniquet. He then held the man's hand, talking to him and keeping him calm until EMS arrived on scene. After the man was transported to the hospital, Officer Sarver, who clearly had evidence on his uniform and body indicating that he had taken life-saving action, returned to the courthouse and performed his duties in court. Emergency personnel later praised Officer Sarver, stating that the actions taken possibly resulted in saving the man's life.

Thank you for your dedication to serving the community!


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