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Updated: Apr 17

As the warmth of summer approaches, savvy advertisers know it's time to gear up for seasonal campaigns that capture the attention of a sun-seeking audience. At Verde Outdoor, we understand the power of outdoor advertising to drive brand awareness during this leisurely time of year. Here's why planning ahead is crucial and how our services can elevate your summer marketing strategy. 

The Importance of Early Planning 

Summer is a peak season for outdoor activities, vacations, and leisure. It's also a prime time for consumers to be out and about, making outdoor advertising especially effective. According to a recent survey by The Vacationer, over 75% of adults intend to take a road trip this summer – that's a lot of cars on the road! By planning your campaign ahead of time, you can secure prime billboard locations and ensure your message reaches your target audience when they're most receptive. 

Early planning also allows enough time to craft catchy marketing messages that resonate with your audience's summer state of mind. Whether you're promoting seasonal sales, special offers, or highlighting your unique selling points, crafting the right message takes time and strategic thinking. 

Driving Brand Awareness with Outdoor Advertising Billboards remain a powerful tool to amplify brand visibility. With our extensive network of billboards in Charleston, Savannah, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Hudson Valley and New Jersey, Verde Outdoor offers unparalleled opportunities to showcase your brand to a captive audience. Early planning means first pick at our inventory. 

Imagine your brand prominently displayed along busy highways, at popular beach destinations, or in bustling city centers. Our team can help you select the perfect locations based on your target demographics, consumer habits or campaign goals, ensuring maximum exposure during the summer months. 

Have multiple messages? Consider using digital billboards to update your creative in real-time. Flexible messaging capabilities allow you to deliver customized content based on time of day or weather. 

Enhance Your Reach with Digital Marketing 

In today's digital age, a comprehensive advertising strategy goes beyond traditional mediums. To complement your outdoor campaign, consider leveraging our digital marketing services. Our expertise in Google Ads, social media advertising, and targeted online campaigns can amplify your message and drive engagement with your audience. 

By integrating outdoor and digital strategies, you create a cohesive brand experience that leaves a lasting impression. Capture the attention of consumers on the move with outdoor billboards and reinforce your message online for increased reach and impact. 

Heat Things Up This Summer 

Ready to make this summer your most successful yet? Now is the time to collaborate with Verde Outdoor and plan your seasonal campaign. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, from conceptualizing creative ideas to executing a comprehensive advertising strategy. 

Together, we'll create a tailored out-of-home and digital marketing strategy that elevates your brand, and drives results this summer. Don't miss out on the opportunity to shine under the summer sun. Contact Verde Outdoor today and let's start planning your standout seasonal campaign! 


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